The Accidental Nutritionist

3 Eaters, 1 Mission

The Eaters

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Charlie (The Subject)

FT+ National HR Director

(As of 6/20/22) Updated Dietary restrictions + allergins include:

NO – Processed grains, pastas, breads, bananas, red meat, yogurt, mayonnaise, shellfish, fatty fish, processed foods, preservatives, white rice, fruit (high-sugar)

EXTREMELY LIMITED – Dairy, sugars, salt, egg yolks, nuts

LIMITED – fats (oils), hot spices, cheeses, starches, peas, corn, sweet potatoes, brown rice, steel-cut oats, quinoa, alternative fish (non-salmon)

MODERATE – Chicken, pork, fruit (low-sugar), egg whites,

(As of 2/15/22) Dietary restrictions + allergins include:

NO/EXTREMELY LIMITED – Grains, bananas, dairy, red meat, yogurt, yolks, mayonnaise, shellfish, fatty fish, cheese, sugars, salt, processed foods and preservatives

LIMITED – Nuts, fats (oils), hot spices, starches, fruit (high-sugar)

MODERATE – Chicken, pork, alternative fish (non-salmon), fruit (low-sugar), egg whites

ENCOURAGED – Salmon, beans, low sugar vegetables,

Jamie (The Accidental Nutritionist)

Business Consultant & Gifter

Dietary preferences + allergins include:

EXTREMELY LIMITED – Fiber, dairy, sugar

NOT INTO – Raw tomatoes, raw onions, lima beans, mushrooms

Drew (The Me)

Strategic Development Director & Foodie

Dietary preferences:

NOT INTO – Shellfish, (or any fish but fish n’ chips or tuna from a can), peas, mushrooms

LIGHT – Vinegar, mustard, heat spices

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