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Notes From Jamie – Week 9

“Any combos, cooking, packing, freshness retention plans that haven’t worked? What are possible fixes or substitutes”

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As a team, we’ve been more successful than we could have reasonably expected up to this point. Charlie’s been great about opening up her palette to new experiences, Drew’s knife skills get better every week, and me? Well, I just try to keep up.

The biggest not-a-success I’ve had so far was a first week attempt at salmon patties that turned out way too dry to be eaten. A few moments of research will tell you that salmon patties are generally held together with eggs and some version of flour, cracker crumbs, or potato flakes. When the only one of those you can use is egg whites and they need to be held in the fridge for several days and then reheated in a microwave… well, it’s hard to keep it together sometimes. 

I can’t say I’ve now conquered the starchless salmon patty, as the truth is that I haven’t touched them since my initial humiliation, but sometimes the key is knowing when to walk away. If someone has the secret to a starchless, eggless, sturdy, moist, reheatable salmon patty, could you drop us a line? I’d be forever grateful.

Other failures? We’re still working to get the just right texture on the reheated zoodles (zucchini noodles). My last few attempts involved not cooking the zoodles at all before packing them, and letting Charlie’s reheat do the cooking. Unfortunately, this is not quite enough cooking and the texture has not been a satisfying one. Alas. I’m taking a break for a few weeks from zoodles and will try a 30-second blanching next. 

We’ve also learned that certain sliced vegetables (for Charlie’s snack packs) can’t be packed with others or they seem to ferment or go slimy. Specifically, we’ve had this happen with yellow squash and cucumbers. It’s always a painful thing to throw away food, but fresh sliced veggies? Now, that’s just insulting.

~ Jamie

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