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Notes From Charlie – Week 18

“Let’s talk stats, the doctor’s visit, and health updates! How do you feel the past 4 months have gone?”

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Four months ago, I embarked on a new journey…and what a ride it’s been!  It was critical to my health and quality of life to immediately and drastically, completely rethink literally everything I put into my body.  Being historically a true “foodie”, this was a tough concept to grasp and a daunting undertaking, but absolutely necessary.  The dr.’s instructions, which were the guidelines…nay boundaries, we used in creating the recipes, were as follows: 

I was to go gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, beef and ham free, fried food free, egg yolk free, canned and packaged free; soda, and sweet drinks and diet drink free; while keeping low sodium, low glucose and sugars, which meant no vegetables or fruits with high sugar or sodium levels.  There are a lot of those that fall into these categories. 

My brain had to accept a lot of new things…like how vegetables were to take on whole new genres.  Cauliflower was no longer a white non-descript vegetable, but my new rice.  Celery root became my potatoes. Zucchini, yams, and turnips became my noodles…”zoodles”, “yoodles”, and “toodles” became real words in my vocabulary.  In case you were wondering, the clear winner of the three noodly-type foods in my humble opinion are the toodles.  I have traveled the world with my meals, as Jamie introduced me to new combinations of international herbs and spices, and the recipes were wonderful!  I also had to find ways to get the 100 ounces of water and green tea through my system every day, and make sure I was eating lunch every day, which before this was usually skipped. And I had to figure out how to get my last meal of the day completed before 7pm.  I haven’t had a French fry, hamburger, piece of pizza, donut or anything else on the “no-go zone” list…at all…period.  I was in it to win it, and that’s exactly what happened!

I freely admit that the success I’ve achieved during these first four months is largely due to the fact that I’m working with a dedicated support team, who research and cook the meals each week.  I work a very full-time stress-filled job, and my free time is limited every day, so being able to rely on these pre-cooked meals and not having to worry whether they’re ok to eat or not, is very helpful.  Not everyone is going to have a Jamie or Drew on their team, so I know how lucky I am, but ultimately, if I’m not doing my part and sticking to the plan, then the plan isn’t going to succeed.  We are celebrating this week after my dr. reviewed my results thus far.  She was very surprised at the amount of success we’ve had in so short a time, which was exciting to hear.  We have succeeded in our initial efforts to get my blood count numbers into healthy ranges so I wouldn’t have to go onto any medications. But more importantly, I’ve moved out of all of the danger zones and am now in a much more healthy place.  Hooray!   My new instructions are to keep doing what I’m doing and don’t quit, and we’ll retest in 4 months again.  I can do that.  Here are the stats for those who’ve been following our progress during these first 4 months:

Weight:               down 40 lbs (Yeah, I also thought, “This is all the weight I’ve lost so far?” But then reminded myself that this is equivalent to carrying 4 ten-pound bags of potatoes, and then I smiled.)

Inches:                down 18”

Pant size:           down 3 full sizes

Glucose:             down 26 mg/dl

Cholesterol:       down 26 mg/dl

LDL:                     down 20 mg/dl

Sodium:              normal/healthy

Protein:               normal/healthy

Calcium:             normal/healthy

And all of the rest of my panels were clean and healthy.  I would say so far, so good.  Let’s keep this moving forward.  For those of you who have joined us along the way, you’ve been seeing the blog style change a bit for easier reading and access.  I really like the format now.  You can click on any of the menu items and you’ll see the recipe and shopping list for that recipe.  You’ll also see the types of dietary needs each week…recipes for diabetics, or high cholesterol, or gluten-free, or dairy-free, etc. And for those who think, “Well, that’s fine, but I can’t afford to eat clean”, which is also what I thought before we started this journey, so we’re including the weekly budget for food each week.  It’s doable.  I know this, because we’re doing it.  If you would like hints or ideas about of the items we talk about, send us a comment.  We’ll be glad to share what we’ve learned along the way.  Let’s get there together.  Bon appetit!

~ Charlie

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