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Notes From Charlie – Week 16

“What are some more recent physical differences between your body function (inside and out) before this experiment began and now. What are changes you have noticed not only in weight loss but energy, mindfulness, depression, skin, hair, nails, stomach health etc?”

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Simple fact. If we cut down on calorie intake and increase movement, we’re going to eventually lose weight. Our bodies just sort of just work like that. But most of us prefer to get results faster than what would be good for us, so we choose fad diets of the month, drink super, duper ‘everything in it’ milkshakes, or take pills….because isn’t everything fixed these days with pills? The answer is no. Fads just run their course and the reason why they’re fads is that they come and go quickly because they don’t work. And if by some chance you lose weight on one of the “miracle cures,” it isn’t going to stay off, usually gaining back more than what was lost. Drinks and milkshakes leave us hungry or just wanting something to crunch on. And pills not only don’t help as they should, but often create other medical issues, which just make things worse. So, if we really do have health issues, are overweight, have no energy, and doing anything at any time is a challenge, then there’s only one true way to make the changes that are needed. Because there’s only one way to accomplish what needs accomplishing so we can come out the other side better than we started out, and that’s the old-fashioned, “Roll up your sleeves and do the work” way. And I’m here to confirm, doing it the hard way really does work. Not just in losing weight, which is a big YAY, but in other areas of my life, which is just brilliant really.

This life-changing lifestyle that I’ve embraced started out with receiving not great news from my Dr., and immediate change needing to take place. I opted for a strict diet and exercise plan as opposed to just going immediately on pills, which were meant to help correct some of the issues that years of bad eating had created. I have a strict list of do’s and don’t’s and all the things that I should be doing. In order to get where I needed to be, I’ve gone gluten-free, (mostly) dairy-free, preservative-free, significantly reduced sodium, no rice or potatoes…ever, and no vegetables or fruit with higher sugar levels. Also on the list of “don’t’s” are most nuts, soy, shellfish, beef, and everything else other than salmon, legumes, and green/leafy vegetables are restricted as far as quantity. I was also instructed to drink at least 100 ounces of water every day, no sodas, no alcohol, no fake flavored drinks of any kind…so basically I drink a lot of green tea and water.

When you look at the back label of a ready-made meal from the freezer, or a can of some quick ‘open and heat’ something or other, you’ll see contents that you won’t be able to pronounce, and don’t know what they actually are. Preservatives, hormones, and all the added ‘secret ingredients’ were never meant for our consumption. Add to that the salt content, and our blood pressure takes a leap up. So when we eat these easy, quick meals, we’re taking in substances that our bodies struggle to figure out what to do with and over time, this creates health issues. And we as humans have a tendency to take that and make it worse by frying whatever was in the container in grease or a whole lot of butter.

I’m now at the 4-month mark and because I’ve gone back to eating like we were always meant to each…fresh and clean…I’m closing in at 40 lbs loss, I’ve lost over 18″, and I’ve gone down a few sizes in clothes. But that’s not all. It’s easier to tie my shoes, clean my house, and go for walks…up hills, without trouble catching my breath. I mean the simple concept of carrying less weight up a mountain just didn’t seem to connect with me until I was doing just that…carrying less weight. My sleeping patterns have improved, although I’m not completely where I want to be yet, and acid reflux is a thing of the past. Hooray for that! I have more energy and my brain seems to be working on all cylinders and clear. I have a high-stress job so being able to keep up with that at my age was a challenge, but I’m doing it better now. Also, my skin looks much healthier, my hair is a great deal thicker and has actually started getting longer. My nails are healthy and strong and my body functions better than it has in quite a long time.

The best thing I could have done for quality of life, was to choose the path away from medication and just work on fixing what needed fixing the healthy way. It hasn’t been easy. There are days when people have brought in desserts and pizza and such to work, but being steadfast and committed to a healthier me is paying off. I’m excited about my upcoming visit with my Dr. I’ll be having a whole panel of bloodwork done again, which is going to show my progress that has been made, what adjustments, if any that need to take place, and where I go from here. Mostly, I just really want to hear my Dr. say that I’ve staved off the medication and am headed in the right direction. I know this is a lifestyle change that will be for the rest of my life, but making the right decisions every day, will improve how and what that life will look like. And that’s a very good thing.

If you’ve joined us on this journey or are thinking about joining us, jump on in…the water is fine and you’ll have company along the way.

~ Charlie

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