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The Mission

History of “why”

Essential & Drastic Changes

This went beyond weight loss, eating for blood type, or following anyone’s dieting fad. The number of things on Charlie’s list of “nos” staring back at her seemed nearly impossible. Vegans, vegetarians, and pescetarians get more options because of grains, which were on the list. As was beef, most fruit, the lions-share of dairy, and even natural acids needed to be kept low because of the reflux issues. Migraines meant heavy restrictions to caffeine, many nuts, and anything with tyramine (which is in everything from bananas to dried meats, pickled foods and soy products.) Egg whites were okay, but no yolks, almonds were okay, but not peanuts, olive oil in extremely low quantities, but not avocado…

Charlie’s doctor watched her face blanch and start to tear up as she took in the massive quantity of restrictions just handed to her.

“Non-negotiable,” was the mandate. “And we will need to put you on more meds.”

Charlie had spent a career as a by-turn national and international head of HR for over 35 years, with too long hours and a pandemic finally catching up to her. At sixty-five, with the added demands of a covid-conscious world, a national team of hybrid-working employees to tend to, and the nightmare of retaining and further recruiting during the great recession, the strain had more than taken its toll…

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