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An Irish classic, revamped

Hands-on Time: 45 minutes // Time from start to finish: 6-8 hours

(Gluten-Free, Lactose/Dairy Free, Diabetes Diet, Low Fat/Low Cholesterol, Cardiac Diet, Paleo)

Colcannon as it is served in Ireland is leftover mashed potatoes and cabbage mixed together. Charlie always added some leftover shredded corned beef to hers as well as carrots for a little color, so that’s what I tried to recreate for her.

The cauliflower mashed potatoes are the same as the ones made with the Rosemary and Sage roasted pork. 

The cabbage can be green or red according to your preference (green is more traditional), or you could use kale. Boil the cabbage until tender with some mustard seeds if you have them, or add a small dollop of mustard when the cabbage is cooked. Chop it into small pieces.

Instead of corned beef, I make an, er, corned pork roast. I start with a large pork roast, sear it on all sides in cast iron, then plop it in the slow cooker with whole peppercorns, whole cloves (careful, they’re strong!), whole cardamom pods, coriander, allspice, juniper berries, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, and bay leaves. A reusable tea bag will help you fish them all back out again. 

I add chopped carrots on the bottom to keep the pork from drowning in its own juices, and get it started with water about halfway up the side of the roast.

You could also cook the cabbage in here, but I do it separately to keep the fat content a bit lower.

To put it all together, shred a little bit of pork, chop a carrot up super fine, and mix them in with the cauliflower potatoes and chopped cabbage. 

You’re gonna want to taste this as you put it together because everyone likes a different blend. Feel free to add more of the corned beef/pork spices directly to the colcannon. I often spoon some of the broth created by the roast into mine. A little olive oil adds richness.

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