The Accidental Nutritionist

3 Eaters, 1 Mission

“Buffalo” Chicken

with Sweet Potato Fries

(Pic by Jamie)

Hands-on Time: 20 minutes // Time from start to finish: 25 minutes

(Gluten-Free, Lactose/Dairy Free, Diabetes Diet, Low Fat/Low Cholesterol, Cardiac Diet, Paleo)

Ingredient List: Chicken Breast, Sweet Potatoes, Olive Oil, Dried Apricots, Limes, Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Smoked Paprika, Cumin, Chili Con Carne

Buffalo chicken, by definition, is a bit sweeter than your average BBQ chicken. 

To achieve this, we slice dried apricots into strips and cook them with the chicken, but take them out before serving. This allows a little bit of natural sugars to permeate the meat without chowing down on a bunch of dried fruit, which is famously concentrated in sugar.

Start by slicing chicken breasts into strips. Marinate with the sliced apricots, garlic and onion powder, smoked paprika cumin, chili con carne, lime zest and juice, and salt. 

Slice the sweet potatoes into fry strips, blanch in boiling water for 2-3 minutes until knife tender, then remove and toss in olive oil and salt. 

Air fry the sweet potatoes for 15 minutes at 450F. The oven also works great. 

Bake the chicken at 350F for 8-10 minutes. Sear briefly in cast iron to add a touch of caramelization.

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