The Accidental Nutritionist

3 Eaters, 1 Mission

Accidental Nutritionist Guideposts

Our roadmap for healthy eating.

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to food. We also recognize that the science of healthy eating is continually evolving. However, there are a few simple guideposts (that is, generally move in this direction) that we have developed to guide our own eating based on our research, experience, and conversations with medical professionals.

Guidepost 1:
Prioritize nutritionally whole and fresh foods–retaining the fiber and nutritional benefit through flash freezing, home canning, and garden fresh produce–where possible (peels, seeds, etc. included).

Guidepost 2:
Emphasize vegetables first.
Fungi and legumes second.
Whole grains third.
Lean meats and fish fourth.
Berries and other fruit fifth.
[Making adjustments for medical and ethical dietary requirements as necessary.]

Guidepost 3:
Maintain a balance of raw and cooked ingredients to receive the nutritional and digestive benefits of both.

Guidepost 4:
Diversity is key! Include as wide a variety of whole, fresh foods as you have access to on a regular basis. If eating the same foods regularly is beneficial for your budget, personality, or mental health, establish a weekly or seasonal rotation to ensure nutritional balance throughout the year.

Guidepost 5:
There is never shame in eating what you can afford and what is available to you.

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